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My name is Siebe Vanhee, for more then ten years I’ve been a passionate rock climber and globetrotter.


I’ve been climbing since I was ten years old, from then on this passion dominated my life. Climbing is more than only a sport to me, it’s a school in life and a passion that made me into the individual I am right now.



- Torres del Paine - Fight against conditions and ourselves

Same old story in the mountains... We tried, we gave it a chance and used all the possible (sometimes imaginary) weather windows! Ten days past and we could try our objective only once. Days were spent with walking, TheraBand exercises, yoga, (pretending to) meditate, hangboard sessions, handstand, stone pinching, swimming,...

Living below the walls, we were ready for action at any moment and were able to follow the weather conditions closely. Like always, the promised weather windows disappeared or were too small to attack something big. After several days of snow and cold, the walls were covered in snow. Despite a window of one afternoon, snow didn't melt and rock wouldn't dry. Finally a good sunny day but the walls were in too bad conditions to climb fast and light!

We ran out of patience and decided to climb something on a clean looking north/west face. Early (2am) morning start, only to find ourselves swimming in belly-deep snow below the climb. Avoiding the deep powder snow we climbed alpine style iced up cracks with boots and gloves until we made it to the col in three pitches between Torre Sur and Torre Central. We stood below some beautiful rock faces of the North face of the shoulder of Torre Sur, but conditions were harsh! I was so glad to be up there, just getting there was a great day out and a good experience. It is just such a nice feeling 'bulldozing' up in these conditions!

The North Face​ / Petzl​ / Five Ten / Avventura​ / Klimclub Hungaria​ / Sportpraktijk / Patagonia Adventure Hostel

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"Enjoying the very small weatherwindow in the Paine, on the 25th, Sean and I managed to climb a small first ascent on the east face of 'Aguja desconocido' North of the 'Torre Mascara'!"

After one day of exploring the Bader valley, looking at all the good but wet and snowy rock, we decided to aim for a small objective because of the difficult climbing conditions. Waking up at 3am I was convinced we would walk 3 hours towards gusty winds, vertical rivers and rain. As the sun rose, the rain stopped, and we just started climbing the wet rock, every pitch being surprised we made it. Despite the cold we moved quick to stay warm and make progress. 13 pitches later we stood on the summit. Sometimes we make too much presuppositions, another lesson that it's all about the 'now'!

Mega happy with our climbing day despite the small window, this Patagonian weather stays sketchy, definitely without the safe shelter of a portal edge.

The North Face Petzl Five Ten Sportpraktijk Klimclub Hungaria Avventura

#NeverStopExploring #Torresdelpaine #Patagonia
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Ready for the PAINE! Like always: decisions decisions... “Should we go? Will the route be exposed to the wind? Should we comit and risk waiting in a cave for two weeks?” Oh yes! The Patagonian way of going with the wind.

The North Face Petzl Five Ten Avventura Sportpraktijk Klimclub Hungaria

#torresdelpaine #patagonia #bigwall
#Homemadebars #bigwallbars
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