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My name is Siebe Vanhee, for more then ten years I’ve been a passionate rock climber and globetrotter.


I’ve been climbing since I was ten years old, from then on this passion dominated my life. Climbing is more than only a sport to me, it’s a school in life and a passion that made me into the individual I am right now.



6 days ago

Siebe Vanhee

* Project Sportclimbing *

Three weeks of hard projecting one sportclimb turned out to be different. After the heat in Voralpsee I left the obsession to work on ‘Speed’ aside and moved on to colder areas, searching for a new sportclimb objective.

In Gastlosen I managed to climb ‘Psychose’ 8c in only three tries!
Super satisfied about it! But In that area I coudn’t find the right big project.

So last week I moved to Rawyl, near Sion (Swiss). The wall ‘Paradis’ offers many great long endurance routes of which the famous ‘Cabane au Canada’. I’m getting very close but time is running out! Let’s hope the next three days will be low gravity days!

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3 weeks ago

Siebe Vanhee

* Grilled Belgians in Voralpsee *

Finally! Here I am, climbing in Voralpsee, a climbingstyle that suits me, ready for some hard climbing... but unfortunately this is not the moment! Melting on the holds of your maximum climbing level with 31🌡 is not ideal...

Focusing on sportclimbing was the goal for now... but the mountains are cooler ❄️☃️and maybe even cooler 😎 But let’s stick with some sportclimbing objectives since my shape is good now!

But first ➡️ #ispooutdoor 2019 in #munich

#neverstopexploring #lasportiva #foryourmountain #weareclimbers #climbing #rockclimbing #sportclimbing #escalade # klettern #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #grimper #escalade #traveling #travels #escalar

@thenorthface @thenorthface_climb @thenorthfaceuk @thenorthfacede @petzl_official @lasportivagram @avventuraoutdoor @totemmt @climbskinspain @frigyesvandenauweele @sportpraktijk @klimclubhungariavzw
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3 weeks ago

Siebe Vanhee

* Inspiring Speech – speaking like TED 🗣️* 

It is always good to try something new, to step out of your comfort zone. In the last 6 months I followed a speeching course where you learn how to create your proper TED-talk-like speech. Despite the many lectures I gave about climbing in the past, this was a whole other challenge. My dream was to learn how to speak in depth about difficult subjects in life, illustrated with experiences as a rockclimber with emotion and humor. The ultimate goal is to make people move and get to action. 

It became a very interesting process of personal development. A safe, fun and supportive group of fellow students, all in their own process made this journey incredible! Mentors and teachers of the Inspiring Speech course where An Nelissen and Peter Perceval. We couldn’t have a better motor behind the whole process! 

The result: What do I talk about? 

“Challenges of Freedom and Fear - On the wall and in life!” 

I can’t wait to speech again! 

#NeverStopExploring #Speech #TED #TEDtalk

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