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Céüse – I had to climb rock again!

Céüse – I had to climb rock again!

Two weeks back in Belgium and a bunch of new opportunities to take showed up. I enjoyed being back in Belgium and see my friends and family back. Thanks to my decision of resting in Brazil and then climbing again before going home, I arrived home with more motivation to climb then before! My last day in Brazil I realized to climb my first 8a+ on sight, this was a motivation boost to return to Belgium and climb more.

A week ago I got the chance to join Stephane Hanssens, Nico Favresse and his girlfriend to Céüse in France. One of the most famous sport climbing areas in Europe. I’ve been here already two times before and I’m sure more trips will lead me to this amazing destination. I climbed four days right now and still have three climbing days left before I go back to Belgium. The first days demanded my body to adjust to the climbing style. Yesterday the climbing went already really good and I could send ‘Face the Rat’ (8a+), a classic long line. I enjoy climbing here a lot because of the style, I’m not super strong in this style, but it is really interesting climbing and I feel I can get fast stronger here.  Every route you need to be focused and look around for the holds.

There are a lot of people I now here from my trips in the past with result that I have a good time with whomever I want. I even met Marcos, Brazilian friend, back again who is making a 5 month road trip in Europe. The climbing world is small and the people who dream and climb, I come across again.

The 22th of June I return back to Belgium and then? Who knows? I don’t!
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