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Chevy Van Edmerald Edition!

Chevy Van Edmerald Edition!

I haven’t been climbing for two days now. But it isn’t a big problem. Two days ago Jan De Smit and his girlfriend Natalie left Hueco after a three month trip living in a Chevy Van.
From the beginning I knew that I was going to buy that van when they were leaving. The van was still a family van with two front seats, two big back seats and a couch you can fold down to a bed.

Last 5 days I have been calling around for the insurance and the registration of the car, it was quite a hassle. Now all the paperwork for this month is almost finished.
Yesterday I went to a home depot to buy some wood and other supplies. I threw all the seats and the couch/bed out and cleaned the whole van.

Today was the Hueco Tanks Clean-Up day. With a lot of people we went from 9 am until 1 pm in the park and cleaned the park. We needed to collect all the garbage, what wasn’t a big deal because the park is really clean. Climbers here are really clean people!

Another thing we needed to do and what we did the most was cleaning the rock with water and a brush! Yeah you read it well, cleaning the chalk from the holds! It was a joke, because the chalk comes back when the water dry’s. But the state park people wanted it like that. And we got free burritos and beer in the evening at the Rock Ranch.

After the clean up, at 1 pm, I went back to the Rock Ranch to work in the van. In the park I met a nice and friendly Dutch guy, Enzo Nahuymury. He had a rest day to so decide to come with me and help me in the van. We worked from the afternoon until halve past ten. Really slow but we had fun! I made a nice king size bed! Tomorrow I’ll make a little table!

On all those pictures you can see how it looks like!

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  • DaveH

    March 21, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    The Van looks good Siebe.
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