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Crimping, pinching and falling!

Crimping, pinching and falling!

The first day after my last post we’ve been one day to The East Spur, also with a guide. The day started really well with a nice and hard V8 on crimps named ‘Better eat your Weetes’. After that I tried ‘Hector’, a nice V9 but dangerous. I fell bad on my feet and twisted my ankle a little bit. That day I couldn’t climb anymore and took an obligated rest. I don’t want to have something serious with 7 months of climbing in the future!

The day after it went well. I went climbing with some Canadians what was a lot of fun! I did a lot of nice and hard problems. One of them was ‘Choir boys’, a V9 on slopers with a crimpy ending. The hardest V9 I ever did! The other problems I did that day where:
– V7 Daily Dick Dose
– V7 Choir Boys Light
– V7 Baby Face
– V7 (a new boulder, really high one on crimps)
– V9 Choir Boys
– V9 Pumped Full of Semen
A nice and long day!

After another lazy rest day we went with all of us on North Mountain in a new area! I and Nice did a nice V7 and V9. The V9 I did really fast, it was completely my style! After that we tried a V11, ‘Anal Intruder #10’. The name comes from the nice swing you make with the pointed rock behind your ass! Where number 10 comes from I don’t want to know!
I’m moving really good in this one and think I can do it! I just need a fresh day with good skin and it will work.

The weather forecast for the 3 following days is not so good. They expect snow and really cold temperatures going to -10°C at night! So we aren’t going to climb that many those days.

If the weather gets better I want to find myself a nice project to work. Something that doesn’t eat too much skin!

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  • tinevaneyken

    February 1, 2011 at 9:01 am

    Siebe! Wie verzint die namen van die boulders toch! Spreekt nogal tot de verbeelding…Maar klinkt wel leuk natuurlijk! Klimt ze en bevries niet hé!x Tine