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Exciting moments and new plans

Exciting moments and new plans

Hello everybody! Like most of you already know I toured around with some lectures the last few weeks. With this post I would like to share my thoughts about it and I would like to thank everybody who was in the audience during those several lectures.

For me this whole ‘lectures’ thing was a new experience and most of all something exciting. My biggest motivation for giving those lectures is to share personal experiences, funny stories, beautiful images and movies, but most of all I want to share my thoughts about climbing and about how I approach this amazing passion and lifestyle. For the ones who were there, you can also tell I love talking to an audience :).

In return for everything climbing gave me in my life it feels good to give something back. Climbing influenced my life in a very strange way, it gave me direction and something to hold on to. It gave me personality and taught me how to deal with ups and downs.

It felt amazing to share all this with the ones who where present. I think a lot of people enjoyed it, I definitely did!

Now I’m focussing on school again after all the work I’ve put into the presentations. For the moment I’m a little sick and have a tiny injury on my wrist. It’s not really bad yet but I have to take care about this because the next few months I planned a lot of trips. After my sportclimbing start of the year in Siurana I’m planning to do some traditional climbing again in April and May.

For the one who missed out on the Dutch lectures past two weeks. I’m still giving one more lecture on Saturday the 4thof May in the climbing gym ‘Entre Ciel et Terre’ in Louvain La Neuve. This lecture I’ll give in French, it’s going to be fun! The lecture starts at 20h after a local boulder competition in the gym. So let’s all go bouldering that day and afterwards we’ll have some fun watching ‘Into Climbing’.

I also want to thank everybody who supported me in making those lectures come true!

Here you can also find some articles about the lectures of ‘Into Climbing’:
– On the right you can see an article in the newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’.
– In this link you can find a really nice written article of the lecture in Mortsel in the outdoor guide ‘Far Out’:

Keep on dreaming, planning and climbing!

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