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My name is Siebe Vanhee, for more then ten years I’ve been a passionate rock climber and globetrotter.


I’ve been climbing since I was ten years old, from then on this passion dominated my life. Climbing is more than only a sport to me, it’s a school in life and a passion that made me into the individual I am right now.



2 months ago

Siebe Vanhee

* ’Patagónicos Desesperados’ - Topo *⁣

It’s always nice to make a little guidebook of a climb. 📈⁣

Hereby the topo of the old aid line ’Patagónicos Desesperados’ Max Didier and I freeclimbed on our last day together in El Chalten. ⁣

It was our first time summiting Poincenot. It’s a high summit! Another freeclimb in the big mountains of Patagonia!

Get after it everyone!
The climb is very protected from the wind, maybe less protected for big whippers…? 🙂 Get some air! ⁣ ⁣❄️⁣

Thanks to Michel Piola and Daniel Anker for opening this great line back in 1989. ⁣⁣

#neverstopexploring #alpinism #patagonia #rockclimbing

The North Face/ Petzl/ Petzl Benelux/ La Sportiva/ Avventura/ Sportpraktijk/ Totem MT/ Climbskin
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2 months ago

Siebe Vanhee
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2 months ago

Siebe Vanhee

* Summit Hopping despite Patagonian Conditions *

Summits, attempts and weird conditions. It has been a short Patagonia season for me, but check out the images, it has been a beautiful one!
We have been able to climb four summits, but this wasn’t because of some good conditions. On the contrary, we never had a great window of more then 24 hours and the mountains have been in difficult conditions. Because of the warm months November and December not many climbs are in good mixed climbing conditions, the ice couloirs are empty (Super Canalletta and Exocet for example). So let’s go rock climbing then…? Hmm… also difficult at times. Because of the cold temperatures and many precipitation the rock is covered in snow, cracks are often icy and the temps are often too low to properly climb with bare hands and rock climbing shoes. For rock climbing this season we needed a long window that clears the ice out of the cracks, dries the rock and still offers at least 12 hours to rock climb in warmer conditions.
But still, we managed to get out into the mountains 5 times! It’s all about choosing your objective carefully, analysing the weather forecast over and over again and be flexible with your objectives. This last one caused me often difficulties, but that’s the school of Patagonia. It was intense, physically and emotionally. Decision making has to go quick, from relaxed situations you switch to focus and pure concentration and vice versa!

📸 1* from Rafael Juarez gully.
📸 2* ‘Blood on the Tracks’ 350m, 7b with @matt_cornell25 and @_dodd_z .
📸 3* ‘Coqueugniot-Guillot’ 250m, 70° 5 with Max Didier. Accompanied by @austin_siadak , Ian Siadak and @stoneymtnphoto !
📸 4* ‘Italiana’ 700m, 60° 7a with Max Didier.
📸 5* Attempt on ‘Franco-Argentina’ (Fitz Roy) up to the Brecha with Max Didier.
📸 6* First Free Ascent of ‘Patagónicos Desesperados’ 550m 6c A3, free at 7a+ with Max Didier.

#neverstopexploring #patagonia

The North Face / Petzl / Petzl Benelux / Avventura / Climbskin / La Sportiva / Totem MT / Sportpraktijk / Frigyes Vanden Auweele
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