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First day of a climbers life!

First day of a climbers life!

Yesterday evening at midnight we arrived at the Hueco Rock Ranch (US time!) in Hueco Tanks! After a flight of 15 hours and some waiting time of 7 hours and always awake I was really tired. When I and Nicolas Mathieu arrived on the airport we had Jan de Smith and his girlfriend Natalie waiting for us. But there were even more Belgium guys, Tim Brys and Thierry Hardy where comming with us to!
The time Jan and Nat came to pick us up I finally saw the Chevy Van I’m going to buy the 18th of February.

Our first climbing day was really nice, we had a lot of sun and some nice little wind. Hueco Tanks is a state park and there are some rules we need to get used to. First of all climbers need to reservate to go climbing in the park. There are some different tours you can take, each tour has his drifferent guide. The guides are just climbers who have some more information about the park. Yesterday we took the commercial tour where you need to pay 20 dollars for. The other tours we’ll take will be 1 dollar.
Yesterday we went climbing on “The Spur”. I did some V6 and one V7. I did also “The Flame”. In the guid book it’s a V12 but I think that its more like a V10/V11. If it’s really V11 or V12 I did my first 8 in bouldering!
After that I was quite tired like all the other climbers of our group and we did it easy the rest of the day.

Today we took a rest day because of the weather. At night there was a dessert storm comming up! We all woke up with our head in dust in our tent. Tomorrow we go to North Mountain.

I’ll keep you up to date!

  • boulderbum

    January 24, 2011 at 8:38 am

    Hey Siebe,
    als je het niet erg vind post ik af en toe een foto (en prestaties) van je road-trip op mij blog, die ik natuurlijk altijd doorlink naar je blog. Have fun there, en doe de groeten aan de rest van de bende.

  • Siebe

    January 31, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    Jah, geen probleem!

    Groeten Siebe