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‘Into Climbing’ – Presentation

‘Into Climbing’ – Presentation

‘Into Climbing’, two words that embrace the life of many climbers, so it does with mine. Climbing is not just a sport like many of us know, it’s a lifestyle and a way of developing yourself. More than that, it’s something we have a hold on, it’s a part of our selves and we don’t want to lose it. Once you get into it, you won’t get out soon.

This is what happened to me eleven years ago. ‘Into Climbing’ is the name of the process I made from being a little, enthusiastic and competitive child to the person who I am right know, far from perfect and still lots to learn and discover.

‘Into Climbing’ is a presentation where I try to share my experiences as a climber and traveller. With pictures and movies I’ll show you the places I’ve been and tell you stories I’ve experienced. From the sport climbing and bouldering I did in Europe to discovering traditional climbing in North-America where I bought a Chevy Van and went out on my own.

The largest part of this lecture I will show you a movie about the amazing Big Wall expedition I made in the remote jungle of Venezuela. I’ll share some stories about how we got there, hiked through the wild jungle together with some Pémon Indians, my first night sleeping on a wall, discovering unknown rock and some beautiful clean climbing, hunger and thirst and at last the euphoria when reaching the top and succeeding our goal.

With all this I hope to give people inspiration for new trips, new idea’s and motivation by showing them what I saw. Most of all I want to invite you all to this nice little evening to enjoy some stories and to relax watching some beautiful images and movies about climbing and travelling.  

Below you can find the agenda of my lectures:

19/02/13  Leuven at 20u – KUL MSI lokaal 1 00.20, Erasmusplein 2, 3000 Leuven  
21/02/13 Rotterdam at 20u – Klimhal Monte Cervino, Hoeksekade 141, 2661 JL Bergschenhoek, Nederland
22/02/13  Mortsel at 20u – Klimzaal Magnesia, Lierse steenweg 15, 2640 Mortsel 
28/02/13 Gent at 20u – Koninklijke Roeivereniging Kanodreef 1, 9000 Gent
1/03/13  Roeselare at 20u –
CC De Regenboog, Sint-Eloois-Winkelsestraat 51 E, 8800 Roeselare
04/05/13 Louvain La Neuve at 20u – Entre Ciel et Terre,
Place des Sports 1, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

Also I want to thank Petzl for making those presentations come true. 
Everybody welcome!!! 

To get an idea of the Venezuela expedition you can watch following movie:

Trailer – Big Ass Jungle Climbing from Siebe Vanhee on Vimeo.

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