Siebe Vanhee | Still in Rifle – Let’s clip some ankers!`
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Still in Rifle – Let’s clip some ankers!`

Still in Rifle – Let’s clip some ankers!`

Last three days where some sending days! I did Roadside Prophet, 8b+ from the 9th go the day after the rest day. This is my 3th 8b+ but it feels like my first again, it was such a long time ago that I have had the possibility to try something hard! I’m totally psyched now to crush some other amazing routes!

I almost forgot how nice it is to send something hard! The conditions where great and the atmosphere even better! I was totally inspired by all the good climbers around me. When I was sending the route there where the best American climbers below me and encouraging me! Big names like Joe Kinder, Lauren Lee, Emely Harington, Sam Elais and some more strong and friendly climbers.
The best encourage came from Joe who screamed just when I entered the crux “That’s some fucking nice Belgium style dude!”.

Now I’m climbing with a strong climber named Ryan Palo who comes from Oregon. This is also really motivating me to try harder things. The bad thing is that I only have one more week left.

For the moment I’m trying a super nice 8b named Huge. I tried it once because of my painful fingers. After my send of Roadside I had three cuts in my fingers, so I couldn’t climb witch my normal strength anymore. I’m hoping that it’s getting better tomorrow for the new climbing day.

Now we’ll take a dive in this nice reservoir!

Let’s climb in the time there is!

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